AcuWood by Siga Design

Say goodbye to background noise with the smartest acoustic panels on the market

AcuWood acoustic panels for walls and ceilings

AcuWood by Siga Design is our bid for the markets best and smartest acoustic panels
We produce our panels in both standard and special dimensions, and they can be made with cutouts for lamps and electric sockets. In addition the panels are available in several different wood veneers and they can be painted in all different colors.

Why choose acoustic panels?
Many modern houses and buildings have high ceilings and there are often many hard surfaces which makes the soundwaves constantly in motion. Therefore it takes much more time for the background noise to disapear. Luckily this problem can be solved with acoustic walls or ceilings.  

How effective are AcuWood acoustic panels?
AcuWood has been through a measurement test of the absorption coefficient. With other words this is a measurement of AcuWoods soundabsorbing effect. AcuWood was measured to 1.00 by 1000 Hz which means the panels can silence noises by more than 50 percent. Therefore AcuWood is among the most soundabsorbing systems on the market.

You are welcome to contact us if you have any further questions.
We can help with most things.

The smartest panels on the market

·     Both standard and special dimensions
·     Can silence the acoustic by more than 50 percent.
·     Choose between different wood veneers.

·    Can be painted in all colors.
·    Pictureprint and logoprint.
·    Custom edges and fitting are available.

·   Can be made in fireproofed materials.
·   Can be made in compartment materials.
·   Ready for installation when delivered

Let us help you with improving your acoustic enviroment!


AcuWood is made of slats in MDF that are installed on plywood. Apart from that there is installed a acoustic cloth on the back which contributes to the acoustic effect. The slats are 30 mm wide and have a distance of 10 mm. These measurements creates the perfect balance and makes the acoustic panels more calm and harmonic to watch. AcuWood has a modern and timeless design, so you can easily use them at workingplaces or in your private home. AcuWood can also be used as a part of a companies marketing because they can be made with logos and prints that steals attention.

Benefits of choosing AcuWood

AcuWood acoustic panels are high quality and they are being manufactured on the behalf of many years of woodcraft traditions. We offer AcuWood in both standard and custom dimensions, and the panels can silence the acoustic by more than 50 percent. This means that AcuWood is one of the best soundabsorbing panels on the market! AcuWood is adjusted to your wishes and demands. You deside the design you want and that is what you get. Therefore you don't have to worry about, lets say, lamps and eletric sockets because AcuWood can be customed to your walls or ceilings. Apart from that AcuWood is made ready for installation when you recieve them.

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